Why, and how FoundationDB is moving to Swift


Clouded Next Generation JavaScript


How do you call a cloud that is good with JavaScript? I do not know! How do you call a database that is good with JavaScript?

A developer-driven approach to building secondary indexes


Building secondary indexes for a database is always about balance. A balance between a system that scales and is easy to manage and an API that is intuitive and delightful for a developer to use.

Real-time first person Epic game


Scaling Fortnite is undoubtedly a testament to the services our engineers build. Every service must be built at “Fortnite Scale”, and so, even the most rudimentary applications quickly turn into a distributed system exercise.

Parenthetical leaning banking-as-a-service


Griffin is a banking-as-a-service platform that use FoundationDB

Rust FoundationDB with Tokio


Rajiv M Ranganath will give a talk about the fdb-rs project, and the first Rust crate of the project that is the fdb crate. He will share with us how one can architect cloud scale applications using Rust Tokio and FoundationDB.

Record Layer 101


The FoundationDB Record Layer is an open source library that provides a record-oriented datastore with semantic similar to a relational database, implemented on top of FoundationDB. It is highly used within Apple by CloudKit, Apple’s cloud backend service to host billions of independent databases, many with a common schema.